Cultures all over the world have spoken a great deal on the merits of giving back to society. A social contribution finds mention in the works of eminent writers, thinkers and leaders extensively, and in all religions. The Novuszilla believes that charity is a way that is established to help the society in different ways. The Novuszilla social cause mainly aims to help children refugees along with pregnant women refugees. Our future is the young generation, but those little children are even being denied the right to live the god gifted life which is to live in dignity. They have to go through the suffering of watching their parents die in a war and then run away to some other countries. Imagine witnessing the death of your own parents and then running from your home country with an innocent heart and an unaware mind. Sounds terrifying right? These little ones have been suffering that all this time. They do not have a hand to hold or someone to tell them that they are going to return back home, because there's no home left. They really need each one of us, if we cannot go and hold their hand we can contribute to let them reach a home. Right now, the world is facing an unprecedented crisis. Even though we may feel like a few dollars will not make a significant difference, every little bit counts. By banding together to support those in need, all of us can make a positive difference in the world.

We all know that every child has a basic necessity of air, food, shelter, clothing, and security and everyone deserves to have it- out of this these little children refugees are getting none. We as a community are willing to work together for the betterment of this part of the globe. A refugee child is also a little one with dreams and goals, a person who wishes to settle with his family and have a peaceful life, a life that is supposed to be nothing but his birthright. These little children are being exploited and ruined, they really need us in every way possible.

Before reaching their country of asylum, refugees go through a number of dire conditions such as thirst, hunger, extreme weather, violence, robbery, abuse, rape, emotional stress, and death. Let alone the drastic conditions at the refugee camps. Every pregnant women deserves a basic pregnancy treatment, but instead pregnant refugee women are getting raped and killed every day. It is time to stop blaming refugees for social and economic problems as this will do no good other than augmenting xenophobia which results in more hatred and discrimination.

While many countries perceive refugees as a burden, it is crucial to remember that no one decides to leave his/her country through the riskiest routes and risk his and his family’s life unless they know that the risky routes are safer than their countries. No one chooses to go through humiliation and discrimination unless what they go through in their countries is much worst. It is crucial to address the after asylum psychological condition of those little refugee children because what they have witnessed in their early life doesn’t makes life any easier for them. Their parents being killed in their own home country gives them lifelong nightmares for which we as a community need to ensure the integration of refugee children into the new societies.

As we all know, the 21st century marked the worst refugee crisis since WWII. As for the year 2018, it was reported that 70 million people have been forced from their homes. In this situation we can just make sure to give these children a sense of safety and fulfil their basic needs which includes food and water. They have every right to be educated, if not in their home country then in some other part of the globe for which Novuszilla has reserved some revenue from every part of the platform.

1. Every Month 5% of the company’s Revenue is being used to sponsor education of as many refugee children as possible, depending upon the company’s revenue yield. The primary focused children are the ones who lost their parents at the time of war or natural disasters.

2. 2% of the crypto currency is reserved for giving basic pregnancy medication to pregnant women refugees and safeguard them from women trafficking and rapes happening every other day.

3. Instead of charging any admin fees, The Novuszilla puts up a 2% charity fees at the time of the purchase of Novus coins. We charge 0% admin fees and adjust 2% charity fees with it to make it equitable for our customers. This fees is only applied at time of the purchase of Novus coins. This fund is further passed on to some Non-Government organization (NGO) which support children refugees. We do not just abide with a single NGO as we want to participate with every part of the globe which comfort refugees.

4. From each and every celebrity NFT’s, 10% NFT revenue goes to the charitable funds. We are honored to have such generous and open handed diva’s signed up with our platform, which believe in giving for the betterment of these little refugee children who are unaware of their homes and nationality.

According to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), only 50% of refugee children have access to primary school worldwide, only 22% of refugee adolescents have access to lower secondary education, and only 1% of refugees attend university. Forced to flee their homes, refugee children often don’t have a school to go to. If there are schools nearby, they are often overcrowded and refugee children may not speak the language that is taught. To bring these ratios on a better number we are trying to do our part. Just by being a part of The Novuszilla you have contributed to this cause. Let’s grow together forever!

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